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Find answers to common questions about the program below.

Do I have to attend classes?

No. All of your coaching sessions take place over the telephone. This means you don't have to try to find time for classes or trips to someone's office. And, you can talk to a Quit Coach any day of the week - even Saturday or Sunday.

Does the program help with all forms of tobacco use?

We help people successfully quit using all forms of tobacco, including smokeless products such as chewing tobacco. Your chances of quitting successfully are 8 times better with the program.

What are the hours for the Support Line?

Expert Quit Coaches and Registration Specialists are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week (excluding Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Day, and Independence Day). You can call our toll-free support line anytime you need additional information or support.

What if I miss my phone call from the Quit Coach?

Please call our toll-free support line back at a convenient time for you. Studies have shown that the more calls you complete with a Quit Coach, the more success you will have in quitting tobacco.

What if I start using tobacco again?

For most people, quitting takes practice. We're not here to judge you if you slip. Instead we're here to help you learn from that experience and try again. Each time you try to quit, you'll learn a little more about what it takes. You'll learn what works and what doesn't, and you'll use that knowledge in your next attempt. We're here to help you every step of the way.

What type of browser do I need to enroll online?

In order to complete the enrollment form online, you must use Internet Explorer 11 and above, Google Chrome 33 and above, Safari 5 and above or Firefox 28 and above.

What is Text2Quit℠ for Smokers?

Your coaching call program may include Text2Quit, a series of text messages sent to your cell phone that share positive messages, tips and games to help you quit smoking. You will receive text messages at every step of the program - tips as you plan to quit, reminders on your quit date, and support after you've quit. Number of messages varies by user participation. You will receive at least 1 message per week. Message and data rates may apply. Check with your cell phone company to learn about any extra charges you may see on your monthly bill.

Some cell phone companies do not support Text2Quit messages. Please check our list of companies that support Text2Quit messages.

Supported Carriers on Short Code 745433

ACS Alaska Cell 1 East Cent IL Inland South Canaan aka NEPA Union Wireless USA
Alaska DigiTel Cellcom MetroPCS (*) Sprint PCS United Wireless USA
Alltel CellSouth Nex Tech Wireless Thumb Cellular US U.S. Cellular
Appalachian Wireless Centennial US Nextel Tier 3 US Carrier GL
-Cross Wireless
-Northwest Missouri Cellular
Verizon Wireless
ATT Cincinnati Bell nTelos Viaero Wireless US
Bluegrass COX Communications US Pioneer Wireless Virgin Mobile USA
Boost Cricket Plateau US West Central WCC
Boost iDEN Golden State US Pocket Com USA
CableVision USA Illinois Valley Revol T-Mobile
Carolina West US Immix Simmerty US Tracphone

*Participants with MetroPCS, please contact your carrier and have them allow texts to and from short code 745433.

How do I enroll into Text2Quit℠ for Smokers?

Speak with your coach about enrollment into the Text2Quit program.

Support for Text2Quit℠ for Smokers

  • Mobile Text Messaging Terms and Conditions
  • Text2Quit, messages will be sent from the number 745433.
  • To stop Text2Quit messages, text STOP to 745433 at any time.
  • For help, text HELP to 745433.
  • For questions, email
  • Once you complete enrollment, you will receive your first text message. Be sure to reply back to start Text2Quit messages.