Lois Merkle

"Walk a half a block off company property, standing in the rain with an umbrella, freezing under a barren tree in winter. That was the price of my smoking alienation..."

I found our that my company sponsored a program to quit. Half heartedly I signed up but didn't follow through after all I really liked my smokes. A few weeks went by and I read some of the literature that the program sent me and I decided to return a quit coach's call and get ny doctor to prescribe Chantix. I tried Chantix once before and it made me so sick to my stomach...quickly. Now with a bit more determination, my doctor prescribed something for the naseau and Bingo—after a few initial weeks on the meds and changing a few routine smoking habits; ie after dinner, first thing when I got up, opening my truck window in all weather I actually amazed myself. My quit coach had asked me in the beginning on a scale of 1-10 how motivated I was and I lied, told them about 80% and in reality I would have guessed 30% because I liked my smokes! It seemed as though the Chantix took more than a week or so to get the full effect but then again we are all not when it comes to reactions on medications. After a few tries to put the things down it went from 2+ packs a day to nothing, to catching my window open in a rain storm out of old habit when I smoked. I actually laughed at myself. I didn't smoke anymore and I had my window open! It was at that point I realized that it was more than just a physical addiction; I was a creature of situation habit and I needed to change things there too to actually quit. The kids came over and they smoked on patio so I asked them for one to see how my body would react and I thought to myself I would cough to death and no, nothing but I didn't even like the rusky deep taste of the tobacco and I then promised myself a cute little sun dress when I finally quit. The dress is the price on just one carton of cigarettes; money literally up in smoke. Well the dress is ordered and now on back order but it is the small gift back to myself for quitting.

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