Della Johnson

"It has been one month today, and I am very glad about my decision to quit ... FOR LIFE."

My husband was diagnosed with a serious illness one year ago. As we have researched and began administering powerful nutritional changes in our lives, the results have been absolutely amazing, especially in my husband's body. I believed that it was time and imperative that I quit smoking to fully support my husband back to health ... and consequently, I am going to be healthier also. And it feels good to be on that healthy path. My husband and I are both grateful to the Quit for Life Program for that "added support" in which I need to keep me accountable.

I have tried to quit on my own at least 15 times, always cold turkey. I am at a place in my life that I need to quit, so I called the Quit for Life Program offered through Lockheed Martin. I also went to my doctor and he prescribed the Chantix. The beauty of this prescription is that they allow you to smoke for the first 7 days while taking the medication. Then, the Quit for Life Program coach called me up and we agreed on a quit date. The transition to the quit date was easy. By the time I reached the end of the 7 days, the cigarettes already were tasting different – not as pleasurable as they had been before. I experienced no withdrawal at all. It is amazing to feel this normal without any of the symptoms that are usually found with quitting smoking. I am so glad I asked for the help and I am glad I made this decision for life.

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