Leslie MacArthur

"I needed to make mental adjustment to "becoming a non smoker” and “choosing a healthier lifestyle.”"

These mental image changes allowed me to change my lifestyle and to complete the goal of quitting smoking. I used Chantix for the first eight weeks. I was mentally ready to be smoke free. I didn’t use the bargain system: the “Ifs." If I get to six months, I can have one or if I only smoke when I drive. There was no bargaining with myself this time, I was ready. The only bargain I made with myself was what I would do with the money I saved after a year - approximately $2,600. I made a deal with myself that I would take a seven day cruise to the Caribbean on my anniversary. I haven’t done it yet, but scheduled it for February. I am a non-smoker. I don't miss the smell, the cost, the burn marks on my clothes, for even a minute. Thanks to the Quit for Life team for their support. It helped keep me on track and work through some of the changes in my lifestyle.

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