Bob Debes

“The helpful hints, guidelines, and tips for success provided by the program were very helpful.”

Anna Bostwick

“I am in some ways astounded that I have made it to the one year mark without a cigarette. But then again, I know that the help that I received from both LM Healthworks, and the Corporation in making this quit happen, and for providing the resources to maintain the quit.”

Darlene Byarley

“I never thought I would ever quit, but now I'm saving a ton of money, I feel MUCH better, and there are no real cravings anymore.”

William Gresahm

“Still going strong, have not smoked in over two years”

Denise Hall

“I will continue to stay smoke free, for me, my husband, mom and grandchildren.”

Della Johnson

“It has been one month today, and I am very glad about my decision to quit ... FOR LIFE.”

Leslie MacArthur

“I needed to make mental adjustment to "becoming a non smoker” and “choosing a healthier lifestyle.””

Beverly McAllister

“Having been a smoker for over 35 years, and having tried to quit unsuccessfully at least 3 times, I thought I'd never even try to quit again”

Lois Merkle

“Walk a half a block off company property, standing in the rain with an umbrella, freezing under a barren tree in winter. That was the price of my smoking alienation...”

James Owens

“This is the first time in my life that I have ever quit smoking and felt confident that I will remain a non-smoker.”

Robert D. Petkus

“I used this program along with their free patches and I am now one year quit, this is the longest quit ever for me. I recommend using all the tools here, and the message board for support.”