Program Overview 

Quitting tobacco is the best thing you can do for your health, but we'll never pressure you to quit before you're ready. Using proven techniques developed and tested over the past 25 years, we've helped hundreds of thousands of people successfully quit tobacco. Let us help you too.

Participant Testimonials

“I am in some ways astounded that I have made it to the one year mark without a cigarette. But then again, I know that the help that I received from both LM Healthworks, and the Corporation in making this quit happen, and for providing the resources to maintain the quit.”
Anna Bostwick
“I never thought I would ever quit, but now I'm saving a ton of money, I feel MUCH better, and there are no real cravings anymore.”
Darlene Byarley
“I will continue to stay smoke free, for me, my husband, mom and grandchildren.”
Denise Hall

Readiness Quiz

Not sure if you’re ready to quit? Take our readiness quiz to learn more about how we can help you whether you feel ready to quit or not.
To get started Enroll Online or call 1-877-266-6046. If outside of US or Canada, please call 001-206-876-2187.