You can quit. We'll show you how.

We understand that quitting is about more than just not smoking. When you join our program, a Quit Coach® will help you become an expert in living without tobacco using "The 4 Essential Practices to Quit For Life," principles based on 25 years of research and experience helping people quit tobacco.
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How to Properly Use Nicotine Gum

Nicotine gum is designed for the treatment of tobacco use and dependence. Each piece is placed in your mouth, chewed for 5 to 10 minutes until a peppery taste appears, then “parked” between your cheek and gum. The gum is then intermittently chewed a few times, then parked again. Discard the gum after 20 to 30 minutes. Gum should be used on a regular schedule, approximately one piece per hour, for maximum effect.

Gum comes in two different strengths and it is important to use the correct dosage for your current tobacco use. If you have your first cigarette within 30 minutes of waking up, you should likely use the 4mg gum, for example. If you smoke more than a pack a day, you may even want to use the nicotine gum in combination with another medication, like nicotine patches or a prescription medication. Keep in mind that these are general guidelines and if you feel the medication dosage isn’t working for you, you should speak with your doctor about adjusting the dosage or adding another medication. 

Readiness Quiz

Thinking about quitting is the first step, but how do you know if you are ready? This interactive quiz will help you think about your reasons for quitting and show you how our program can help you every step of the way.

Participant Testimonials

“I am in some ways astounded that I have made it to the one year mark without a cigarette. But then again, I know that the help that I received from both LM Healthworks, and the Corporation in making this quit happen, and for providing the resources to maintain the quit.”
“I never thought I would ever quit, but now I'm saving a ton of money, I feel MUCH better, and there are no real cravings anymore.”
“I will continue to stay smoke free, for me, my husband, mom and grandchildren.”
“I used this program along with their free patches and I am now one year quit, this is the longest quit ever for me. I recommend using all the tools here, and the message board for support.”