This section is intended to provide information and resources to medical providers using Quitline Iowa services as part of their practice. These resources are intended to help with training, program referrals and to provide additional information about the program.

Cessation Support Available to Iowa Medicaid Members

Iowa Medicaid Program coverage includes select over-the-counter nicotine replacement patches and gum, generic bupropion sustained-release products that are FDA-indicated for smoking cessation, and varenicline (Chantix). Generic bupropion sustained-release products that are FDA-indicated for smoking cessation and varenicline (Chantix) will not be available to Medicaid members age 18 and older who are dual eligible for Medicare Part D.

The medications listed above will be covered with a prior authorization for members 18 years of age or older with a diagnosis of nicotine dependence and confirmation of enrollment in the Quitline Iowa program for counseling. Medicaid will not authorize coverage of these medications unless the patient is actively participating in the Quitline Iowa cessation counseling program.

For the Smoking Cessation Prior Authorization form click here. For the Nicotine Replacement Therapy Prior Authorization form click here.

How to Refer Patients to Quitline Iowa

You can refer your patients to Quitline Iowa by using the Quitline Iowa Fax Referral Form. Once faxed, the Quitline will proactively call your patient to enroll them into Quitline services. You will receive information back from the Quitline on the outcome of your referral.

Where to Order Quitline Iowa Materials

Materials can be ordered from the Iowa Substance Abuse Information Center Clearinghouse.

Register for Addressing Tobacco Use in Iowa

"Addressing Tobacco Use in Iowa: The Brief Tobacco Intervention" is a self-guided training course for health professionals. It teaches health care providers the skills needed to use the brief tobacco intervention and how to refer patients using Quitline Iowa’s fax referral program. To gain access to the self-guided course, click here and fill out the short registration form.