Steven Drier

“If you're thinking about quitting it's not impossible to do it, but you MUST do it for yourself and be ready to make some serious changes to get there. If you don't give it your full effort to quit then you won't. It doesn't matter how many patches you put on, or how many pieces of gum you use it won't work if you don't want it too.”

Alberta Faye

“Yes I am still absolutely smoke free and absolutely loving it...I can't say thanks enough for your program.”

Sue Kahler

“What a great feeling to be able to breathe again (and breathe quietly)! The little hints from my Quit Coaches were very helpful.”

Elizabeth McCammon

“This quit program was the key for me. First thing the coach made me realize was that I was a "slave" to my smoking. I never looked at it quite like that.”