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When you join our FREE program we'll help you create an easy-to-follow Quitting Plan that will show you how to get ready, take action and then live the rest of your life as a non-smoker.
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Here's What You Get:

Quitting Aids — We'll help you decide what type, dose and duration of nicotine substitute or other medication is right for you and teach you how to use it so it really works. You can receive FREE nicotine replacement therapy products (patches or gum) if it's part of your personalized quit plan.
Quit Guide — We'll send you an easy-to-use workbook, appropriate to where you are in the quitting process, that you can reference in any situation to help you stick with your quitting plan.
Quit Coach® — You will have expert support and assistance whenever you need it, over the phone or online, from Coaches who specialize in helping people quit tobacco.
Web CoachTM — You'll get access to a private, online community where you can complete activities, watch videos, track your progress and join in discussions with others in the program. There are over 25,000 active members.

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